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Who we are

Welcome to the official website of the Nigeria Polo Federation.The  NPF is dedicated to promoting and regulating the sport of Polo in Nigeria. With a rich history and a growing global following, Polo is one of the most exciting and dynamic sports in the world.

We work to create an environment that supports the growth and development of Polo, while also ensuring that all players and fans can enjoy the game in a safe and fair manner. Our goal is to make Polo accessible and enjoyable for everyone. Through our tournaments, events, training and instruction programs, and partnerships with key organisations, we aim to promote the sport and bring together players and fans from around the world.

Our Affiliations

The Nigerian Polo Federation (NPF) is not only a recognized sports organization in Nigeria but also a member of Federation of International Polo, the Nigeria Olympic Committee (NOC) and International Olympic Committee (IOC) as a whole.

As a member of the NOC, the NPF collaborates with other sports federations in Nigeria to promote and develop sports in the country. It participates in the national sports festivals organized by the NOC, which serves as a platform for identifying and nurturing talented athletes across the country. The NPF also works closely with the NOC to prepare and present Nigerian polo teams for the Olympic Games.

Being a member of the FIP, the NPF is recognized globally and is allowed to participate in the international sports arena. It is subject to the rules and regulations of the FIP, which ensure that Polo organizations worldwide comply with the highest ethical standards. The NPF is also eligible to participate in the quadrennial Olympic Games, which is the most prestigious sporting event in the world. The NPF’s involvement in these organizations also helps to position Nigerian polo as a recognized and respected sport globally.

History of Polo in Nigeria

Polo was first played in Nigeria in 1904 in Lagos, the governing body of polo in Nigeria which was formerly known as The Nigerian Polo Association (NPA) was established in 1920, it was subsequently transformed into The Nigeria Polo Federation (NPF) in 2009. Polo in its earlier years received tremendous support from the Army and the then Emir of Katsina, His Royal Highness, Alhaji Muhammad Dikko, who propagated and expanded the game throughout the country. To this day, Katsina is considered the “home of Polo in Nigeria” and all subsequent Emirs of Katsina have continued to support the game and have been avid and active polo players. The continued active support of the Nigerian Army can also not be under-estimated.

Partnership & Sponsorships

We believe that partnerships and sponsorships play a critical role in supporting the growth and development of polo. That’s why we are actively seeking out partnerships with equine organizations, equipment manufacturers, and other relevant groups to help promote the sport and provide resources and support to players and fans.

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Presidents Message

It is with great pleasure that I extend a warm welcome to you on behalf of the Nigeria Polo Federation. As the sole regulatory body for polo in Nigeria, we take immense pride in our rich heritage and the vibrant community of players that make up the heart of our beloved sport.

Polo in Nigeria holds a storied history, having been patronized by esteemed individuals, including past heads of states, first-class emirs, high-ranking military personnel, and a diverse array of passionate players. Our polo tradition runs deep, spanning across the country from the picturesque landscapes of the north to the lush greens of the south. The sport has not only been a source of recreation but also a symbol of camaraderie and excellence.

To our international polo players, we extend a heartfelt welcome. Your presence enriches our community, fostering cultural exchange and strengthening the global ties that make polo a truly international sport. We recently had the honor of representing Nigeria in an international polo tournament in Morocco, where we competed alongside countries such as the USA, UAE, Argentina, Spain, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, and our gracious host, Morocco. This experience showcased the unity and sportsmanship that polo brings to the world stage.

Safety & Welfare

The safety and welfare of horses and players is of the utmost importance to us. That’s why we are committed to promoting best practices and guidelines to reduce the risk of injury. We believe that by addressing safety concerns, we can ensure that polo remains a safe and enjoyable sport for all.


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