Partnerships & Sponsorships

Parnerships & Sponsorships

We believe that partnerships and sponsorships are vital to the growth and development of Polo in Nigeria. We are always looking for partners and sponsors who share our vision of promoting the sport and making it accessible to more Nigerians.

Benefits of sponsoring our tournaments:

  • Brand visibility: By sponsoring our tournaments, your brand will be prominently featured in all our marketing and promotional materials. This includes digital and print advertisements, social media posts, and event banners.
  • Targeted audience: Polo tournaments attract a diverse audience, including high net worth individuals, business executives, and diplomats. Sponsoring our tournaments provides an opportunity to reach this target audience.
  • Hospitality opportunities: Sponsors of our tournaments have access to exclusive hospitality areas, where they can network with other sponsors, guests, and players. This provides a unique opportunity to build relationships with potential clients and customers.
  • National exposure: The Nigeria Polo Team represents the country in international tournaments, providing a platform for sponsors to showcase their brand on a global scale.
  • Increased visibility: Sponsors of the Nigeria Polo Team will have their brand featured on team jerseys, training kits, and other promotional materials. This provides an opportunity to reach a wider audience and increase brand visibility.
  • Corporate social responsibility: By sponsoring the Nigeria Polo Team, sponsors are supporting the development of the sport in the country and contributing to the growth of a sport that has a rich cultural heritage in Nigeria.

It is also important to note that the Nigeria Polo Federation (NPF) is the only recognized polo governing body in Nigeria. As such, the NPF has planned to represents Nigeria in various international polo tournaments and events n recent times, including countries like Morocco, Egypt, Ghana, Kenya, South Africa, and during the Federation of International Polo World Cup qualifiers.

By partnering with the NPF our tournaments and international representation of the Nigeria Polo Team, sponsors will have the opportunity to be associated with a reputable organization that is committed to promoting the sport of polo in Nigeria and internationally. Sponsors will also have access to a unique audience, including polo enthusiasts and high-net-worth individuals who attend our events.

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